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Monday 28 January 2013

Book: Just Spring Data Access
Amount: 4.64 MB
Author: Madhusudhan Konda
ISBN: 9781449339869
Formаts: pdf, ebook, android, audio, text, epub, ipad
Date: 20.09.2012
JDBC has simplified database access in Java applications, but a few nagging wrinkles remain—namely, persisting Java objects to relational databases. With this book, you’ll learn how the Spring.






Just Spring Data Access

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  • Simplifying the Data Access Layer with.

Simplifying the Data Access Layer with. Simplifying the Data Access Layer with. Just Spring: Madhusudhan Konda:.

Advanced Spring Data JPA – Specifications.
Madhusudhan Konda is an experienced Java consultant working in London, primarily with investment banks and financial organizations. Having worked in enterprise and
The Spring Framework supports integration with Hibernate, Java Persistence API (JPA), Java Data Objects (JDO) and iBATIS SQL Maps for resource management, data

Just Spring Data Access 13. Object Relational Mapping (ORM) Data.

In my last blog post I introduced the basic feature set of Spring Data JPA. In this post I'd like to dive into some more features and how they can help you

Chapter 12. Object Relational Mapping.

Simplifying the Data Access Layer by using a single, generified DAO, will result in elegant data access, with no unnecessary clutter. Yes, in Java.

Data Springs - DotNetNuke Modules,.
Data Springs offers award winning DotNetNuke Modules, DNN Modules, Mobile Development, Microsoft Sharepoint Web Parts, and other portal related development. We have
The Spring Framework provides integration with Hibernate, JDO, Oracle TopLink, iBATIS SQL Maps and JPA: in terms of resource management, DAO implementation

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